About Us:

-Couches are for dogs-

I have become known for my obsession with researching anything I am passionate about. I am known for overbuilding, overdoing, and generally going overboard on almost everything I do. My friends and family are always asking me for advice on how to perform repairs or recommendations on what products to buy.

Every year, as the weather turns cold and the landscape becomes frozen and uninviting for a few months, I search for things to do inside instead of watching TV. Always eager to share my knowledge, I wanted to start a website to introduce tools and their uses to people who may not be familiar with them as well as inform others like myself about new tools they may not be aware of.           

Working in the construction industry, I have over 21 years of experience working with my hands. My knowledge ranges from whole house remodels to commercial projects including roofing removal and installation, electrical wire and low voltage cable installation, sheet rock installation, tiling, flooring, painting, as well as many endeavors into woodworking, metalworking and even automotive repair and restorations.

While creating this website, the one thing I struggled with was the site’s name. I simply could not decide what it would be called until it hit me on day. I would name it after our most recent shelter adoption; a Black Lab Mix named Lincoln (Pictured on his couch). This would be to honor and call attention to all animals currently in a shelter patiently waiting for a good home as well as pets that have been successfully adopted . 
Linus, Navarre, Alpine and Lincoln, this sites for you!

To everyone visiting, I sincerely hope you find the content both enjoyable and helpful.