Review: Milwaukee M18

2360-20 Work Light


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I’ll admit it. The 2360-20 work light was not the easiest purchase I have made. The idea of spending this much on a work light seemed absolutely absurd to me. This thought was compounded with the fact that the last work light I purchased was less than twenty dollars.

Picture of Front of 2360-20 work light

              Once I made the decision to venture into the cordless work light arena, there were two main things that swayed me towards the Milwaukee M18 2360-20 LED light compared to others that were available. First, it was the biggest of the M18 series lights. I mean, if I’m going to go broke buying a light, I don’t want to regret the one I buy! Secondly, it can run without a battery. A male receptacle is built into a recess in the side, allowing you to run it off any extension cord if necessary to do so.

               First impression I had when I unboxed the Milwaukee M18 2360-20 LED light and plugged a battery in; yikes this thing is bright! Not joking, if you set this thing by your bed, you could easily use it to blind an intruder. The base is very sturdy, the unit seems well built and the head swivels 180 degrees for lighting up almost any location. A heavy duty detent system positively locks the light into place when the desired angle is reached. With three settings, high, medium and low, the twelve on board high powered LEDs will illuminate almost any work area.

Picture of Front of 2360-20 work light
Picture of Back of 2360-20 work light

         One of the first uses I had for this Milwaukee M18 2360-20 LED light was installing an attic in my garage. When we purchased our house, the detached garage was open to the trusses and roof sheathing. Wanting to take advantage of the potential storage space above, I added additional framing as needed and then proceed to install a ceiling. This process involved taking down all of the existing lights. Starting at the back of the garage, I was able to work with the 16’ garage door open for the first part. This allowed enough daylight in to make extra lighting unnecessary. Once I got the back half of the garage done, however, I needed to work with the door shut. I grabbed the Milwaukee M18 2360-20 LED light and set it in the corner pointing towards us. The garage I was working in at the time was approximately 400 sq/ft and this light had absolutely no problem illuminating the entire garage on its own. It worked so well, I actually turned it to the lowest setting to conserve battery life. 

Speaking of battery life, with a 5.0ah battery and the high efficiency of the LEDs, expect 2 hours on high, 4 hours on medium and 8 hours of runtime on low. Besides extended battery life, another bonus of utilizing LEDs is that they generate a LOT less heat than their halogen counterparts. On a hot summer day, being in an enclosed garage with the doors shut, I can tell you that feature is very much appreciated!

Side picture of 2360-20 work light
Picture of bottom of 2360-20 work light

               The next task I used the Milwaukee M18 2360-20 LED light for was siding replacement. With a nice weekend upon us, we tore off all the rotten siding on the back of a house we were remodeling at the time. The weather was picture perfect, however, there was rain in the next week’s forecast, so it was a no brainer to work after the sun went down putting up the new boards. After we found ourselves struggling to see what we were doing, I grabbed the Milwaukee M18 2360-20 LED light flood light and turned it on high this time. The lone source of illumination, it lit up the entire backside of the house like the sun was out again. The only thing we had to fight were shadows that we made, but being cordless and adjustable, it was simple to move along as work progressed.

               As much as I did not want to spend the money, I have fallen in love with this light. From working on the house to the car and everything in between, I would definitely recommend picking one up if you are in the market for a work light. 

Rating - 4.7/5

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